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Free, trustable X.509 certificates and PGP Keys through collaborative identity verification… and secure applications that use them.

For the impatient

To get free Entry-Level digital certificates, go to our EL Certification Authority.
To upgrade an entry-level certificate to a Verified Identity one, go to our VI Certification Authority.
The original Brazilian Portuguese Start Page.
A lot of the content is still in Portuguese, but we’re in the process of translating everything to English. Please be patient.


06-oct-2003: We will be presenting at the 1st Forum for Security, Privacy and Digital Certification sponsored by the Brazilian Institute for Information Technology, who runs the Brazilian National PKI. Their website (in Portuguese) runs our PKI-Enabled version of TWiki and we posted a few papers there.
16-jul-2003: The slides (in Portuguese) for a presentation we delivered at Unicamp are avaliable.
09-jul-2003: The website (in Portuguese) for the 1st Forum on Security, Privacy and Digital Certification was officially launched today, held by the Institute for Information Technology of the Brazilian Government, who runs the Brazilian National PKI Root CA. The site runs using the FreeICP.ORG’s PKI-Enabled TWiki version. Anyone is invited to join the discussions that aim to arrive at a new consensus about the future directions of digital certification technology in Brazil.
We’ve given a talk on the 4th International Free Software Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil. You can get the presentation slides here (in Portuguese).
We’ve been in the roundtable “Digital Certification: Possibilities and Limitations” at CONIP 2003, in São Paulo, Brazil. You can get the slides here (in Portuguese).


Entry-Level CA Reference Implementation in Perl, v0.5.8-alpha
PKI-Enabled FreeICP.ORG-compliant TWiki

Anonymous CVS access

Our CVS is hosted at SourceForge.

For the time being, only the alpha EL CA code can be found there. Soon we’ll be posting the VI CA code.

export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.freepki.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/freepki
cvs -z3 checkout ra


soon… smile
Papers about the VI CA trust scoring technique and the overall FreeICP infrastructure.
FreeICP.ORG: Free Trusted Certificates by Combining the X.509 Hierarchy and the PGP Web of Trust through a Collaborative Trust Scoring System
Presented at the 2nd Annual PKI Research Workshop

About the site

See the other collaboration areas in this site, picking a web in the left menu. This site is editable: if you have a SSL client certificate, you can register to change content and participate in the discussions (that’s why the project doesn’t have a mailing list per se — this site is the list and archives).