Should I Install Antivirus On My Computer?

Well, if you are using Linux or Chrome you don’t have to do it because their totally free from any virus attack because there is no reason to make a virus for it since the system is fully open source. But it would be totally different when we are using Windows. We already know how bad it is and it even lead our computer not even booting because the system is totally infected by the virus. The only thing that you can do is reinstalling them and it takes long and long time to so since you need to install everything from the scratch. So what kind of anti-virus that I need to install? Then I should give you some choices.


Avast is probably the greatest choice for this case since the protection is really working well. The firewall functionality and automatically detection are only some great things about it. They already have such a big name for this one and you don’t need to worry about your system. The app is divided into two versions, the free and paid one. You get more features on the pro one, but the free version is actually good enough.


I have ever seen that this app is on the number for lowest chance for virus to attack our system. It means that the protection that they are given are really strong. The app has so many feature including some black and white list. The only thing that I don’t like here is the protection itself could go really wrong with some unidentified app. The antivirus would take the app as dangerous if they fail to identify it. But, it is a sign that they are working really well for that case.


AVG has so many things that you are able to defend for virus protection. A gamer should look at this one because it’s one of the first one that having a gaming mode. On this mode, application would not make any some unusual or false detection when you are playing games, so you will not have any interruption on playing games.

Those are my 3 recommendations for free and paid antivirus. All of them are having their own good support and services, so could not make sure which one is better. You just have to try it by yourself and see which one is the most working well with my type.

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