Should I Install Antivirus On My Computer?

Well, if you are using Linux or Chrome you don’t have to do it because their totally free from any virus attack because there is no reason to make a virus for it since the system is fully open source. But it would be totally different when we are using Windows. We already know how bad it is and it even lead our computer not even booting because the system is totally infected by the virus. The only thing that you can do is reinstalling them and it takes long and long time to so since you need to install everything from the scratch. So what kind of anti-virus that I need to install? Then I should give you some choices.


Avast is probably the greatest choice for this case since the protection is really working well. The firewall functionality and automatically detection are only some great things about it. They already have such a big name for this one and you don’t need to worry about your system. The app is divided into two versions, the free and paid one. You get more features on the pro one, but the free version is actually good enough.


I have ever seen that this app is on the number for lowest chance for virus to attack our system. It means that the protection that they are given are really strong. The app has so many feature including some black and white list. The only thing that I don’t like here is the protection itself could go really wrong with some unidentified app. The antivirus would take the app as dangerous if they fail to identify it. But, it is a sign that they are working really well for that case.


AVG has so many things that you are able to defend for virus protection. A gamer should look at this one because it’s one of the first one that having a gaming mode. On this mode, application would not make any some unusual or false detection when you are playing games, so you will not have any interruption on playing games.

Those are my 3 recommendations for free and paid antivirus. All of them are having their own good support and services, so could not make sure which one is better. You just have to try it by yourself and see which one is the most working well with my type.

How to Boost Our PC Performance On Gaming

gaming 2

PC or laptop is always be good way for playing games since it comes in single place where we could do every single thing on it. We could play many of games on it and also we could our personal work on it. Having a gaming PC is also better since all of the parts are upgradable and it comes cheaper if we compare it than buying a gaming console. Your PC might be slow as hell right now, but you could later upgrade it later with your own specific choice or pick anything that you want. It is good right. But, there is actually one thing that I don’t really like on playing games on PC. The problem is sometimes located on the performance. The game might be running very good and so well optimized on console, but sometimes it does not happen on PC. We don’t really know what is the case, but I guess the most obvious reason because console is having the same specs each other and it means the developer only need to optimize single hardware. It is different on PC where they are coming with lot of different specs and hardware. The developer might not have a chance to test all of it and that is why we are getting bad performance on some hardware. I bought a gaming laptop from Teradatariver recommendation and everything is running really good, but once again I need more to make it runs better. I have some good recommendations that I have tried on my laptop to make my games run better. You get to see because the performance would be hugely improved and more stable. So here they are.

Upgrade Your Graphic Card Driver

This is the first thing that we have to check if your games running bad and you already have a good requirement on it. Using your old driver is really bad since they are coming with old optimization. You might not get any performance issue with old games, but it would be totally different when you are running newer games. Newer games means the developer would do better optimization, new engine and better graphic that needs an adjustment to our graphic card. Our GPU would fail to optimize all of it since they are running old driver. That is always updating it to the latest version is important. Nowadays, updating the driver is becoming easier since you could do it automatically. There will be a pop up message said that you need to upgrade your old driver. This is might be simple, but there are many of people forget about it. To upgrade your driver to the latest version, first you have you know the type of it and find the windows version that you are running. You can check it by doing the right click on my computer and it will show you the version. After that, you just have to visit their website to download the latest version of it.

Optimize The Game Setting

Updating the driver is actually not giving any significant performance to the game, but there is one thing that we could do to make it better. All of the games that you installed on your PC are having their own game setting. First, you have to run the game and then go to the option. There, you get to see some of performance setting that you can try. The first thing that you could try is lowering the resolution. If you are running your games on full HD setting then you could try to lower it on HD setting. I am really sure the performance would be better, but if you are still having the performance issue, then the second thing that we have do is disabling the anti-aliasing. The aliasing is having function to make the texture edge looks smoother. It’s really good since we are not going to see all of the jagged on the texture. But, all of that process is taking so much resource and decrease the performance. Try to disable it and you would see the performance improvement.


This is going to be the latest solution if everything that you try is not working. I don’t really suggest to do this one if you don’t know it very well. Overclocking your hardware means you are going to get better performance, but it also will rise the temperature on it. Overclocking will reduce the hardware life span and even can kill it if you are making any single mistake. But once again, there would be no gain if we afraid to take any risk.

The first thing that we can try is overclocking the graphic card, all of the companies usually put this setting on their application interface. Just run it and try to raise the clock little by little. After that, try to run the game and see if there is any force close or the temperature problem. If not, then you could try to raise it again until you feel the performance is well enough.

Then, you could also do overclock on CPU or even RAM which is easier and safer. Just go to the BIOS setting and set the clock speed that you want. This case is easier to do, but the performance impact is little. So you might need to adjust it very well in order to get the best performance for your needs. But once again, it’s very dangerous to do overclocking and you really have to read much or even find better information for your hardware to see its capabilities on overclocking. You could check some internet forum and you would see some people share their experience on doing overclock.


Doing an optimization is must to do in getting a better performance in running of our favorites games. PC is really different since it does not have any specific optimization for the hardware. If will not be a huge problem if your specs is high, but it would so chaos if your specs is low. For me, trial and error is the key and you get to be patient on it. I just feel that games nowadays are more optimized for AMD hardware since they have the similar specs with PS4 and XBOX. Means that the optimization that they do on the console is making good effect on the PC version, so if you are having AMD GPU, then you must be in luck for now. At last, thank you for seeing this article and you get to make any comment if you have anything to ask.