How To Smoke Brisket Perfectly

At first, I do not really like to smoke some briskets because it is really tough to do and could be pretty intimidating for some reasons.  Many people also do not really recommend smoking this kind of meat because the price is so expensive. Trust me; you could get more meats than this single one at the same price. Just imagine what it is going to be feeling when you are messing this kind of meat. I guess your hundred dollars would fly away just because you are making single mistake.  You have to know that there is what we called as the golden rule in order to smoke this kind of meat perfectly. Doing this thing would be pretty tough if you do not know how to do it properly.

I have some experience on smoking this meat and I am going to show you some great things that you needed in order to make it great. You are going to see how brisket could taste very great especially on its juicy taste.  I am sure you are going want to do it again and again later. So, let’s see what we need to do on cooking and preparing it.

The preparation

The first thing that you have to do is picking on your brisket.  There is no size limitation for this case and just pick any size that you want. Pick the best one that you could get for this case. If you want some recommendation just pick one with the size for around 10 to 12 inches. The price for this size is not quite expensive and you get the best size for this case.  Then, the next thing that you are needed to do is trimming your meat and get the right moisture.  Leave the thick layer for one and half four and then use your perfect rubbing to make it tastier.  Just keep using the seasoning simple and forget about the complicated one because it would never improve the taste.  The last thing that you have to do is cooking it on your smoker or you could leave it for some hours.  Just do what you like for this case.

Preparing Your Smoker

There are some rules that you have to do for this case.  I very recommend to you use an indirect method if you are using kettle grill.  Just do this thing only if you use kettle grill.  Then, the next thing that you need to prepare is the fire. You have to know that smoking brisket could take very long time to do and that is why it is so recommended to use the snake method to make a great fire that could last for many hours.  Do what you want to stabilize the fire and keep it on the right one.  I usually use a dip pan to make the temperature better and this could be your best luck to stabilize it.  You could do other thing which is you think is good.  Doing some experiment is always the best since you are the one who knows it better.

Smoke The Brisket

Just place your brisket on your grill grate and keep the temperature for around 220 degrees Fahrenheit.  Do anything that you like to control the temperature and use your food thermometer to control it. Here, you have to check the temperature regularly for every hour to make it stable at the 220 degrees. Just add another charcoal if you run out of it.

Putting your brisket on your grill is not the only thing that you have to do here.  You have to do one last thing in order to make it getting the better taste. So, once the temperature on your smoker reaches 150 degrees you would see that the surface of your brisket would start to evaporate and the temperature would decrease. Do not afraid because there is one thing that you could do.  You have to wrap of your brisket by using aluminum foil and then place it again on your smoker.  You would see the temperature would back and that is the thing that you have to do for this case.

Test The Result

The only left thing to is checking of your meat. Make sure you are getting the right doneness for it.  You could check it by using of your fork and you would know when it is ready. You could even let it overcooked that would result the food is drying.  When you are done doing this thing, then your brisket is ready to be served on your plate.  Just take it from your old Masterbuilt smoker and make the entire of your family enjoying of its great taste.  I am so sure that they are going to love it and want to try it for the next time.