The Top Browser Choices For Windows

One of the most important things that you do on your laptop is browsing the internet. We actually can do it on our smartphone, but its only usable for looking some news or entertainment, but not too good for working purpose since the screen is small and the writing and editing process would take a long time to do it here. The only obvious way is using the computer or laptop, but what kind of browser that I need to use here? Is it Firefox, Chrome, Opera and even other browser? Let’s find out because I am going to give my opinion about it.


Firefox is probably becomes the top people choice for browser app on their computer since they have so many great features. One thing that people love is the extension support. This kind of feature is really great since it could bring so much improvement on the browser such as password management, anti-virus for safer browsing, and even theme customization. There are tons of extensions that you can try and most of them are available free to download. The performance for this browser is really good, but I get some slowdowns during my test when opening many tabs.



My next list is going to be filled by Chrome with its additional great features. I prefer to use chrome because the interface is pretty simple and clean. You will not getting any unnecessary tabs on the top and the only one available is the search bar for entering the website that you want to browse and the next to it, you would find a simple search bar for searching information directly to Google. Some good features here are the task manager for website and see the memory usage. You can see the entire websites running by using the task manager and you probably know how much the memory it takes.


This is going to be the lightest one on this list. Opera is so popular with its lightweight usage on memory. That is not the only thing that you could get, but you also getting the better result in bandwidth usage. All of the websites you have visited would be compressed and the opening process is faster since it only loads fewer resources. This is going to be the best choice if you want a lightweight browser without any additional things to expect.